Info / Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy prints of your images?

I've taken down my online store while I create a new and better portfolio. If you want prints in the meantime, then write and ask!

How can I be notified when you add new images to the portfolio?

You can subscribe to my RSS feed to get news about updates.

(RSS feeds are available on most blogs and major web sites. You'll need an RSS feed reader; some are extensions to a web browser (Firefox has a simple one built in), extensions to an email program, or standalone programs. There are also web-based RSS subscription services like Newsblur, Feedly, or Feedreader).

Can I use your images for my own projects?

Probably, provided that:

  • your project is completely and utterly non-commercial
  • you only use a single picture, which you don't modify
  • you don't link directly to the image on my server
  • you display my name (Martin Rebas) and link to my website (

If in doubt, ask.